East to West…. “Merging Memories”

Good Day All

I’m in the groove of this whole new form of Art. I can’t tell you why or how it is coming to me.

However, it is, and I will ride this truck until it runs out of gas.

It doesn’t meet up to most of my mentors works but I’m having a fabulous time anyway.

Thanking friends like Ginger Reddington, Donna Keyser, and Judith Strand for the inspiration, as well as new friends here in Ballard that have encouraged me as I learn and make new friends.

I have posted others prior to this one but this one has real special meaning to me. this is a vision of the two loves where I grew up,  and where I came from most recently. the water is most prevalent, I’ve always been a water girl. But the mountains, specifically, The Methow Valley has a real place in my heart.

Thus the joining of my imaginary world….I dream of a place in Heaven that looks much like this but  even better.  I’m sharing my joy with you.  Hope it comes across as a great one.