Moving but not Leaving

Hi there crafting friends.

I know you have heard that the last chance is going out….yes I’m moving to Bothell Washington. Sorry but you may still get online to this site if you want to see what I’m up to.

NO MORE HAIR DO’s  just CARD DO’s and DON’TS..

Hope to get in to the local Holiday Bazaars in Bothell area. Hope I am not too late to get in….if not I may be back for the Methow ones just for one last fling!

New cards coming up so stay tuned. Soon as I move I will post them.

Until then so long………..

Contact Leslie Strand at 509-429-1431 until number changes then you’ll be notified.

email me for requests to be informed of any changes at:   2013-03-01_07-18-58_870